If you have questions regarding your membership, please contact Bea at bmacdonald17@roadrunner.com

Everyone wishing to use the park on non-booked days must be a member. Members may no longer bring a guest to use the park.

We will be issuing membership cards and the gate combination when you join. All members have the right to use the park when it is not booked for events.

How much does a membership cost?

  • Youth $10.00/year (riders under 18)
  • Individual $20.00/year
  • Family $35.00/year

How do I become a member? For membership form CLICK HERE.

Memberships go to:
  Bea MacDonald
  275 Mansion Rd.
  Hollis Center, Me 04042

Please let us know your name and the names of active family members, your mailing address, telephone number and email address. The more members we can contact via email, the less we have to spend on postage! Thanks!

Barn Memberships - Because of insurance issues, we can no longer offer barn/club memberships.

Did you know? Members of the Hollis Equestrian Park can now use the Park on any non-event day for schooling their horses. Members will receive the combination to the gate lock and can now enter the Park whenever it is convenient. We hope this arrangement will mean that more people can enjoy the Park throughout the season. After all, we didn't do all this work so it could just sit there and look pretty - we want people riding in it!

The Hollis Equestrian Park may be rented by the day for a fee of $150.00 per day. (Note: There is an additional optional fee for mowing the outside course. See the contract for more information.)

To download a booking contract, click here

To inquire about available dates and to reserve a date, contact us at hollisequestrian@gmail.com

Join Our 2018 Sponsors:

We hope you will consider helping us meet our goals. In exchange for Sponsorship of the Hollis Equestrian Park, we would like to offer you a quality painted plywood sign with vinyl lettering at the Park to advertise your business or stable. Sponsors’ signs will be affixed to the outside rails of the ring fencing where they will be visible to competitors and spectators alike, at every event held at the Park throughout the year.

Sign Sizes: 18"x24", 1ft x 4ft, 2ft x 3ft, 2ft x 4ft, 1ft x 6ft

Please contact Bea MacDonald at bmacdonald17@roadrunner.com or 727-3779 about becoming a Sponsor. Click here for the sponsorship form.